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The Author

Gary Pluff is a teacher, sports enthusiast, guitarist, veteran and self-proclaimed eternal optimist who lives in Upstate New York with his wife and two kids. An educator for more than 25 years, his love of coaching and teaching has taken him on an exciting journey of living in Virginia, the Philippines, and Thailand. His desire to help teens understand the true meaning of success has resulted in his new book, “Great Life for Teens, What Every Teen Needs to Know to Succeed in Life”.

The Book

Great Life for Teens is a “great life” blueprint that will help teens learn how to be successful. Harvested from the lives and minds of great thinkers and successful people over centuries, Great Life for Teens condenses the knowledge and wisdom of the world in a unique and straightforward way. Meant to open hearts and minds, Great Life for Teens will help teens to put a finger on the pulse of universal truths and step onto the path of a life well lived. 

Speaking to Groups Free of Charge

When available, Gary is happy to speak at libraries, after school programs, YMCA’s, or other functions that involve teenagers. He can be contacted at

Gary uses his “PLANt to THRIVE” success model to present a summary of his new book, Great Life for Teens. With morals and strong character forming the foundation for success, the forty–minute presentation also includes topics on self-acceptance, attitude, gratitude, mentors, goal setting, device usage, responding to adversity, the power of habit, and finding purpose in life.

Depending on how many attend, many, or all of attendees will receive a silicone reminder bracelet. The reminder bracelet is called “G20 – The Success Compound”. The success compound is made up of two parts gratitude and one part optimism. They are key elements needed to live a great life and they are the subject of Chapters 3 and 4. The reminder bracelet serves as a trigger to remind you to be grateful and optimistic.

G20 – The Success Compound Reminder Bracelet


Gary’s Other Books

Gary’s first book, The A-Z Basketball Book, What Every Player Needs to Know to Be Great at the Game, received a glowing review from Syracuse Men’s Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim!

Gary Pluff has put together a great manual for basketball players 12-to-18 who want to get better. The A-Z Basketball Book is a great read for those interested in learning more about the game and becoming improved players.
Jim Boeheim, Head Coach Syracuse Men’s Basketball

The A-Z Basketball Book is for all players, from age 12 to 18, that want to know what it takes to excel at the great game of basketball. Developed from a lifetime of coaching, playing, and studying, this comprehensive book condenses all the wisdom of the game down into an easy-to-read A to Z format. More information can be obtained here.